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With the technology defining every business sector, the education sector is no exception to it. It has witnessed a great evolution in recent times. Now, there is a part of the education industry that has got digitized and became a separate sector known as e-learning which is flourishing at a great pace. Your Dream Tech is a leading e-learning website and mobile app development company having a team of seasoned professionals with the right expertise to design and develop an exceptional e-learning platform for your education business.


Features That Define Your E-learning Platform

With our immense experience and knowledge, we know how to make an e-learning platform successful. Our experienced team of e-learning website and app specialists focuses on incorporating the best features into an e-learning platform keeping the market trends in mind.

Efficient Content Management

Forum and Blogs

Easy Payment Mode

Interactive Messaging Between Teacher & Student


Virtual Classroom

Easily Readable Course Material

Online Admission/Signing Up For a Course

Online Communities

Different Dashboard For Students & Tutors

Video Conferencing

Assessment Management

Live Feedback

Simple and Advanced Search

Message Board


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In recent years, the education sector has evolved at a great pace. With technology, it has become very convenient for students to gain knowledge or to acquire a degree. The biggest perk of e-learning education is that it provides students with better convenience as they can now at their own pace and desire time.

Certainly! Where earlier it was all about going to institutes to get a degree, searching and referring books to gain knowledge, today it’s just about finding the right e-learning platform to do all that in one place. You not only can get degrees through online education but can also gain knowledge. Besides, you also get 24/7 availability.

There is no certain answer to this question as the development cost depends on various factors such as development platform, development model, features, experience & location of developers, and more

The duration of an e-learning website/mobile app development project is influenced by different factors such as features, design complexities, development platform, the experience of developers, etc.

Some of the features that should be included in your e-learning website or mobile app are a video player, online live sessions, online assessments, chats, events, session recording repository, and more.

Real Estate

The technology has become so diverse that it has even marked its way into the real estate industry. You can see real estate businesses investing their time and money in website and mobile app development. But when it comes to digitizing a real estate business, having the best professional support by your side is very important. Being a leading web and mobile app development agency, Your Dream Tech has dedicated teams of real estate web and mobile app specialists who have the knowledge and the expertise to craft an exceptional solution for your business.


With such stiff competition, it could be a tussle for you to make your e-commerce business consolidate its position in the industry. Thus, you need a professional agency with hands-on experience and expertise to put your e-commerce business on the right track. As a leading e-commerce web and mobile app agency, Your Dream Tech is equipped with all the experience and market insights to craft and deliver you an exceptional e-commerce solution for your business.

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