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“We don’t need QA services” - that’s a common statement that a majority of businesses believe in or say. But with your aim of delivering the best final product to your users, the need for QA services comes automatically. And we at Your Dream Tech focus on fulfilling your aim with our exceptional QA services.

Manual Testing

Automation Testing

It’s not just about building an exceptional website or mobile app that can work perfectly for your business to make it grow. Rather it is also about maintaining its efficiency so your business won’t lose out on conversions or suffer a loss of revenue. In simple terms, your website or app needs to undergo quality testing in order to ensure its quality and seamlessness. Testing is an integral part of a website development process and so does the quality analysis for the mobile app development process to keep the website or mobile app bug-free and high in performance. Quality analysis or testing is basically a preventive action that ensures the success of your app or website.

Your Dream Tech is a highly-rated quality QA and testing company that offers tailor-made solutions to clients that best work for their businesses. Our meticulously created website and mobile app testing solutions are refined from our years of experience, wide exposure, and great expertise in the field of web and mobile app development. We aim to help organizations from different industries to make their businesses flourish through our quality analysis services. We have both offshore and onshore resources that work round the clock to provide the best support through customized QA services to businesses from across the globe.

We have been providing exceptional website and mobile app testing and quality analysis services since 2015. We have worked with businesses across diverse needs from around the globe and helping them to deliver the best services or products through a flawless website or app. Our QA and testing team is specialized in working in all types of industries particularly in domains like e-commerce, corporate, e-learning, healthcare, and more. Being a next-generation website and mobile app testing and quality analysis service provider, we deal in both manual testing and automation testing. And for both manual and automation testing, we follow an agile approach that includes all types of mobile app and website testing such as white box testing, black box testing, API testing, regression testing, security testing, performance testing, smoke testing, and more.



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Manual Testing (Used For Both App And Website)

Our manual testing services are for both website and mobile apps. Under manual testing, we cover several types of testing. Have a look at what you get when you choose our manual testing services.

Black box testing is the process to check the functionality of the website and application keeping the users’ needs in mind. Black box testing is a complicated process as while performing the test, the code is not visible to testers. We have a mobile app and website testing and QA team that is known to strategize well where we learn about each requirement and perform the boundary tests. As a leading service provider with great results in black box testing, we use both valid and invalid input to test all the possible combinations of actions of users.

White box testing is a type of manual testing that is done to find the potential failures in the code and see if each aspect of the website or the app is performing well. Under white box testing, our experts run tests on all the internal components of your website or mobile app. As a part of white box testing, they also do the class boundary analysis and review the code to know any leaks or resource utilization. To find the design errors, incorrect syntax, and logical errors, we run a bunch of coverages and tests such as segment coverage, condition coverage, and data flow testing.

Smoke testing is another crucial manual testing type that is performed to know whether or not the website or mobile app is stable or not. The process of smoke testing gives confirmation to the QA team to deploy further testing. And we at Your Dream Tech have QA specialists who are well-versed in the latest smoke testing tools and technologies to deliver top-notch website testing and mobile app testing services.

Functional website testing and mobile app testing is just to make sure that your website or the app behaves in an expected manner. In other words, it is to check the functionality of a website. Our QA and testing experts make sure to deliver the best functional testing to improve the performance of your website or app’s performance by ensuring that the features and functionality of your product remain intact.

In the manual testing cycle, UI testing is an important part. Under this testing, our QA and testing professional checks whether or not the website or the application is user-friendly and has all the desired functionalities. And to ensure, the tester runs tests on all the interface components during the website testing or mobile app testing process. Under this manual testing type, we check different components such as input controls, navigation elements, and information components.

API or application programming interface testing is basically a manual testing type that is used to test APIs directly. From reliability to functionality to security to performance, API testing test all important elements of APIs. Our website and mobile app testing professionals run thorough end-to-end API testing to ensure the top-notch performance of your API.

Regression testing is important not just as a part of manual testing, but automation testing as well. It is performed to ascertain that a code of change in the website or mobile app does not affect the current or existing functionality of the product. And without regression testing, it is also impossible to run automation testing. As a leading mobile app and website testing and QA service provider, we know the importance of regression testing. Doesn’t matter what changes you’re making or have already made in your product, our QA experts are here to ensure the best performance of your product through end-to-end regression testing.

Beta testing is another type of testing that comes under manual testing. It can be considered as a part of user acceptance testing. Just to let you know, beta testing is performed before the release of the product and at the end of the website testing or mobile app testing cycle. We at Your Dream Tech cater to the beta testing needs of businesses of all scales, sizes, and natures from across the globe.

Just like beta testing, alpha testing is another crucial manual testing type. Under it, a representative group of consumers tests the product before its release in the market. Alpha testing can either be white box testing or black box testing; it totally depends on the requirement. We have the best professionals who are available to work on your manual testing requirement immediately that includes alpha testing.

Based on function processing and user requirements, acceptance testing is performed. It helps in determining whether or not the product is complying with the user requirements and specified requirements. We follow a structured approach to do website testing or mobile app testing through acceptance testing and deliver you the best results.

Unit testing is another crucial manual testing type that is used to test each and every unit of a website or mobile application. Unit testing is often known as the first phase of functional testing. Our dedicated team of QA experts can help you find the bugs early in the development cycle through unit testing services.

The performance of the efficacy of any website or mobile app highly depends on its security. Hence, security testing is known as the important part of manual website testing or mobile app testing. Under manual testing services, we run security testing to discover any bug, risk, weakness in your website or application and ensure the best security of your product.

As the name itself suggests, this manual testing type is performed to check the performance of the website or mobile app. Performance testing comes under non-functional testing. Under performance testing, our QA experts concentrate on various factors such as load time, response time, and stability of the product to deliver the product with high performance.

Automation Testing (Used For Website)

Our automation testing services help businesses to focus more on the performance and efficiency of their website. Our automation testing can help you test your website’s functionality along with its behavior. If you want to make your website bug-free before making it live for users. Our QA experts are well-knowledgeable and highly skilled in performing best-in-class automation testing on any website where we run a number of tests on every piece of your website to make sure that your customers get the best quality final product. With our automation testing services, you can perform more advanced tests on your website or app that aren’t possible to do by humans.


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Yes, undoubtedly. Testing is basically a process to make certain that you deliver an exceptional end product to users.

At Your Dream Tech, both website testing and mobile app testing are performed by professional software testers. They follow a proper process where they evaluate the system and the functionality of the product. We provide both automation testing and manual testing.

As a leading service provider in mobile app testing and website testing, we cover all industries, be it finance, healthcare, eLearning, eCommerce, or any other.

Yes, you are. We do not have such a policy where we only provide testing services to websites/apps that we built. Even if you an existing website/app, we can test your product under our mobile app testing and website testing services.

The testing cost isn’t the same for all websites or apps. There are many factors that define the cost of quality analysis or testing services ranging from project nature, complexity, scope, and more.

Well, it again depends on various factors. Surely, it is not an overnight job. A lot of things such as the project complexity, types of bugs found, and more together define the duration of mobile app testing or website testing process.

Yes, we do. We are a global firm that ensures to deliver the best results to clients. Irrespective of your time zone, we can provide our exceptional testing and quality analysis services.