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Dynamic Vs Static Website Designing Services

There are two fundamental types of websites: static websites and dynamic websites. The core difference between the two lies in the notion of whether the webpages are pre-rendered and hosted on the server, or whether the webpages are generated on the server in real-time upon user’s request.

Static website Designing:

Static Website Design is very easy to set up. It is called static as it contains fixed content of information to be viewed by every visitor. These web sites are the primary level of websites. Small business houses and individuals can place information on the website in the simple manner and that too at reasonable cost.

With the help of Static website you can showcase your products, services and other information in the most effective and economical manner. They provide platform for downloading images, catalogues etc. This type of web site is user friendly, easy in navigation and browser compatibility.

Dynamic website Designing:

Dynamic website is the webpage whose content varies as per the requirements of the user. Building Dynamic websites is not a cake walk activity. It requires in depth knowledge and creativity on the part of the professionals who are into this forte. Your Dream Technologies are masters and mentors of the dynamic website designs who make use of various scripting language and develop your website that captures more and more traffic. Client side scripting and Server side scripting are the two facets of Dynamic website.

We see to that the standards of creativity and professionalism is maintained at all the level of dynamic website development. We do roc bottom research and thereafter come out with effective designs that appeal our clients. Our direction of work is client centered and we proceed as per the guidelines, understandings and wave length of our clients.

Our company with years of experience and knowledge nurtured the trust and confidence of our clients which are our motivating factors and our cherished reward for excellence and hard work. We are no doubt the best static/dynamic website designers in Noida.

Your Dream Technologies provides Dynamic/Static Website Designing and Development in Noida, India at very affordable rates. We also provide flash animation and graphics into dynamic websites so as to adhere the look of the site.

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